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International Medical Equipment Security Statement

Personal Information Security

International Medical Equipment uses a password protection scheme to secure any names and addresses provided by visitors who choose to register on this site.

Visitors to this site are allowed to provide International Medical Equipment with their name, address and comments. Providing this information is strictly optional. Visitors are in no way obligated to do so. If the name and address is provided then the person providing this information must also provide a secret password. Only the person knowing this confidential password may ever view or change this information during the site visit or any future visit to this site.

Names and addresses that are provided by visitors are stored in a database. This database is not at the same location on the server as this web site. Furthermore, security on the database is set so that only the Internet servers (serving web pages) and technical personel who are given systems administrator capabilities can ever view or access the database. Finally, the security on this database is set so that no Internet visitors may access it.

If the visitor providing the information also provides an email address then an email is sent thanking the visitor. An email will also be sent to International Medical Equipment with the registration information.

Transmission of both emails is not secure.  

Credit Card and Order Information Security

This site allows visitors to pay for items ordered using a credit card. International Medical Equipment processes all credit card transactions using's secure Automated Direct Connect (ADC) Relay Response methods. A visitor’s card number, name, and expiration date, are transferred via a secure connection directly with Athorize.Net's gateway server.

When a visitor submits an order containing credit card information, a secure connection is made with Authorize.Net using SSL for bank approval. Authorize.Net processes the entire transaction through the banking system. The credit card number, name, and expiration date are NEVER transmitted to International Medical Equipment and can never be stored in any fashion or viewed by International Medical Equipment. The entire transaction is between and the buyer. International Medical Equipment is not involved in the transaction. only transmits to International Medical Equipment whether the transaction was accepted or rejected; and if the information was rejected what the rejection reason was. This acceptance or rejection is then communicated by International Medical Equipment to the visitor.

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