Olympus BHTU Microscope

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The ergonomic design exhibits unique consideration
for the needs of the operator

Suitable for many applications in transmitted light microscopy, the Olympus BHTU Clinical Laboratory Microscope was synergistically designed for fatigue-free operation throughout long lab sessions. The variety of easy to operate features provide the kind of rapid, easy specimen throughput so desirable in clinical laboratory applications. The quintuple revolving nosepiece is carefully positioned to face inward; the objectives point away from the operator for minimum interference with specimen manipulation or marking.

The pre-focusing mechanism eliminates unnecessary refocusing and avoids the risk of specimen and objective contact. The low stage position makes changing specimens easy and reduces operator fatigue. The lamp voltage preset switch offers quick setting of the brightness to the most comfortable level. A white cover mounted to the condenser top lens enables visual confirmation of the specimen conditions for faster location of the observation area.