Microm HM 500 M Cryostat

Refurbished with Warranty

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Standard microm cryostat with chamber temperature down to -40 degree Celsius and fast freezing stations down to -55 degree Celsius; automatic defrost timer; stainless steel rotary microtome with universal micro/macro feed system sections from 0.5 to 300 microns. Specimen retraction in return stroke.
The spacious high-grade stainless steel cooling chamber
Cooling of the microtome chamber is produced by a powerful, low-noise compressor regulated down to -40 C.
Integrated fast freezing station separately cooled down to -55 C
No frost on knife carrier, microtome or chamber walls. A 24-h- defrost timer.
Digital indication of programmed defrost time and actual time.
Integrated trouble shooting and service diagnosis systems.
Battery-powered back up system for data protection.
MICROM Cryostats are manufactured according to the latest environmental criteria and regulations to protect the ozone layer.

Standard knife carrier
Accommodates conventional knives and disposable blade inserts.
Knife carrier is fixed on console via eccentric double clamping;
Knife clamping jaws
Knife height adjustment
Clearance angle adjustment
Integrated, movable knife guards.

Disposable blade carrier EC
for standard disposable high or low profile blades.
Eccentric double clamping of base.
Clearance angle adjustment.
Eccentric fast clamping.
Integrated swiveling knife guard.
Adjustable anti-roll guide.
Operating temperature range: 0 C to +35 C
Storage temperature range: -20 C to +50 C
MICROM Products are the result of innovative engineering and overall expertise in microtomy gained over decades.
Universal Microtome Cryostat HM500 series, user-oriented modular design.
The modular design permits various versions, according to the individual needs of a customer
Model HM 500 M includes HM 500 standard features, with motorized cutting drive for the vertical cutting movement and adjustable cutting window; accelerated return travel; 3 operating modes for single , interval and continuous stroke.
The M version includes a motorized cutting drive for the vertical cutting movement.
Electronic precision control
Cutting window with easy adjustment
Cutting drive is controlled via foot pedal or Start/Stop button in interval, single or continues stroke.
Handwheel locking drive for safety.
Dimensions: 840mm x 1120mm x 780mm (wide/ high/deep)
Weight: 117 kg up to 204 kg