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Objective lenses are the most important part of your Olympus microscopeOlympus objective lenses provide excellent optical performance. Each refurbished objective makes it affordable to diversify your collection. Whether you are a professional or a student, IMEB Inc., has you covered. Check out the Specifications Chart.

Anatomy of an Olympus Microscope Objective, RMS Thread (20.32 mm), Manufacturer, Objective Specifications, Magnification Color Code, Front Lens Assembly Housing, Objective Rear Aperture, Lens Doublet Group, Objective Barrel, Lens Triplet Group, Hemispherical Front Lens, Rear Lens Elements, Lens Spacers, Single Lens Elements, Internal Lens Housing, Meniscus Lens

Olympus CAch N 10x/0.25

SKU: CAch N 10x/0.25 PhP-R



PN: 1-U2B223C-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

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Olympus PlanC N 10x/0.25

SKU: 1-U2B223C-R



PN:  1-U2B223C-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

Olympus PLN Plan Achromat 40x Objective

SKU: U2B227-R



PN: U2B227-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

Olympus UPlanFL N 10x/0.30 Ph1 Microscope Objective

SKU: 1-U2M523-R



PN:  1-U2M523-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

Olympus UPlanApo 10x Microscope Objective




(+ $12 shipping ground)

100X Plan Achromat Oil-Immersion Objective

SKU: 1-U2B235-R



PN: 1-U2B235-R

Olympus UPlanApo 20x Microscope Objective

SKU: 1-UB765-R


PN: 1-UB765-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

Olympus UPlanSApo 10x Microscope Objective

SKU: 1-U2B824-R



PN: 1-U2B824-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

Olympus UPlanFL 40x Ph2 Phase Contrast Objective

SKU: 1-UB5272-R



PN: 1-UB5272-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

Olympus UPlanFL 40x Ph2 Phase Contrast Objective Green

SKU: 1-UC527-R



PN: 1-UC527-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

Olympus UPlanFL N 100x Oil Microscope Objective

SKU: 1-U2B53522-R



MPN: 1-U2B53522-R

SKU: 1-U2B53522-R Category:  Tag: 


Olympus Microscope Objective Lens UPlanFL N 60x/1.25 Oil Iris

SKU: 1-U2B5322-R 



MPN: 1-U2B5322-R

Olympus UPlanApo 40x 1.00 Oil Iris Infinity




PN:  FM1-UB828R-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

Olympus PlanApo N 1.25/0.04 Microscope Objective




PN:  1-U2B920-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)

Olympus UPlanApo 60x/0.90 Infinity/0.11-0.23 Microscope Objective

SKU: 1-U2B5312-R


PN: 1-U2B5312-R
(+ $12 shipping ground)