Tek Select® UV Mounting Medium 3.33 oz Bottle


Tek Select® Non-Toxic Xylene Free UV Clear Permaslip Mounting Medium


We are changing how coverslipping is done without toxic chemicals such as xylene or xylene substitute and xylene based mounting medium.

  • Patent Pending
  • No More Xylene Needed in Coverslipping
  • No More Fume Hoods
  • Fast Drying in 20 Seconds with Soft UV Light Box
  • Process By Either Manually or Automated Coverslipping
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Toxic
  • Odorless/Non Yellowing
  • For Instant Screening of Slides and Storage of Slides
  • SDS Sheets Available

Also available in case of 6/3.33 oz (100ml) bottles

Small UV Light Box for Instant Drying 5-7 Slide Capacity, $92 Each, #UVCPS-LB

Folder 5 Slide,  $8 Each #SF-5, or $48 for 12

Needles Pack of 12, $21 #TN0118

Microscope Slides 1 Gross/2 Boxes of 72, White, #W-7200-G $18 or 1 Gross/2 Boxes of 72, White, Positive W-7255-G $29

Cover Glass 10/1 oz Packs, Total of 10 oz – 24×40, #CG1-2440 $30, or 24×50, #CG1-2450 $30

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