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    • Tek-Select® Isopropyl Alcohol 1 Gallon Can


      Isopropyl Alcohol (histological grade) is recommended for small tissue and biopsy processing as well as any other laboratory procedures requiring Isopropanol.

    • Leica 30mm Specimen Object Disk


      Specimen Object Discs .Circular discs with outer O-ring for easy handling 30mm diameter in circular embossed ring (for use with Leica, Reichert, AO cryostats). For use on all frozen specimens.

    • Anti Roll Glass Plate Replacement 70mm for Leica Cryostats (Insert only)


      Replacement glass can be used with Leica cryostats models; CM1510, CM1510S, CM1520, CM1800,CM1850, CM1860, CM1900, CM1950, CM3000, CM3050, CM3050S. Glare-minimizing glass insert, 70 mm wide, replacement glass for anti-roll systems CE 14 0477 42491, 14 0477 42492, 14 0477 42493 for blade holder CE 14 0477 43005

    • Sakura Accu-Edge® Microtome Blades


      Sakura Accu-Edge Disposable Microtome Blades deliver quality results for microtomy.

      Accu-Edge® Disposable Microtome Blades are designed for both high- and low-profile blade holders, accommodating most standard rotary microtomes. The Accu-Edge® Blade allows users to obtain superior ribbons, virtually eliminating chattering, distortion or striation. The dust-free blade dispenser automatically positions new blades safely and precisely. Safely stores used blades.

      Reliably sharp, uniformly consistent-

      Ultrasharp edges with teflon resin coating-

      Obtain acceptable ribbons sooner 

      Increase quality sections 

      50 blades per pack.


    • Tek-Select® Type 8 Biopsy Cassettes, Choose Color in Pre-Packaged or Taped & Stacked


      Our best-selling biopsy cassettes, these offer a special hinge holding the base and cover together. This hinge allows cassettes to be opened and closed as often as necessary. The lid can be removed and re-inserted easily without danger of specimen loss. Three frosted writing surfaces are easy to write on, including the 45° angle anterior face.

      Pre-Packaged: 750 per Case

      Taped & Stacked: 1000 per Case

    • Tek-Select® Deionized Water – 5 Gallon


      Tek-Select® Deionized (High Purity) Water is prepared at greater than 18 megohm/cm specific resistance using activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis purification, mixed bed deionization and filtration to 0.2u. Meets ASTM and NCCLS Specifications for Reagent Grade, Type I water at preparation.

    • IMEB Microscope Slide Rack Staining Set With Holder, 20 Slide, 6 Well


      For use in histology, cytological or dermatology staining.

      The plastic frame is solvent resistant with snap locking covers that permit complete portability, even when the wells are full. Dishes are placed in rack far enough from each other to preclude drippage of stain into other wells. Four white polypropylene and two green polypropylene dishes with tight fitting lids for each container, help to prevent evaporation of stain and solvents.

      Also sold: 12 Well Set

      Dimensions: 13 ¼”W x 4 ¾”D x 4 ¼”H


    • Tissue Tek II- Stainless Steel Base Molds 24x24x5mm – Refurbished


      Tissue Tek II- Stainless Steel Base Molds 24X24X5mm 12/Pk – Refurbished

    • Tek-Select® Diff-Stain Kit


      Diff-Stain Kit includes:

      • 1- 8 oz. Bottle solution A (Fixative)
      • 1- 8 oz. Bottle solution B (Azure Stain)
      •  1- 8 oz. Bottle solution C (Xanthene dyes)
      • 3- 2 oz. Staining containers and storage tray

      Diff Stain kit is used to provide Nuclear and cytoplasmic staining and recently has provided excellent staining for Helicobacter Pylori. The result is Nuclear staining in blue to purple staining and pink to orange with paraffin and frozen sections. Helicobacter pylori provides a deep rich purple. This stain is also excellent as a Hematology stain.


    • Tek-Select® Gold Series Microscope Slides, Clear Glass, 90° Corners (Choose Color)


      Tek-Select® Gold Series Microscope Slides, Clear Glass, 90° Corners

      Clear Glass (20 Boxes of 72/ Total 1440 per Case)

    • Tek-Select® Bouin’s Fixative Substitute – 32 Oz


      A low-hazard replacement for Bouin’s Fixative, this substitute provides all the benefits of Bouin’s without the use of picric acid. Available in a variety of sizes and pre-filled specimen containers.