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    • INFINITY8-8, 8.3 Megapixel USB3 Microscope Camera


      Infinity8-8,  8.3 Megapixel USB3 Microscope Camera

      Fast, Responsive, Economical Microscope Camera for Brightfield Imaging


      • Color or monochrome CMOS sensor with 1/1.7” optical format
      • 8.3 megapixel camera with fast frame rates of 44 fps at full resolution (3840 x 2160)
      • Direct USB3 interface for fast image delivery and simplified connectivity
      • Compact form factor
      • Support for locking industrial micro USB on the back for power and control
      • INFINITY ANALYZE microscopy software included with purchase. No annual license fees.
      • Software support for Windows and Mac, along with third-party plugins for Image-Pro® by Media Cybernetics, MetaMorph, and MicroManager
      • Selectable 8 or 12-bit pixel data
      • Recommended coupler: 05x – 0.63x
      • The INFINITY8-8C/M is designed with Sony’s advanced CMOS sensor technology which excels in challenging light environments.
    • INFINITY8-9, 8.9 Megapixel USB3 Microscope Camera, Fast, 4K Ultra-High-Definition Display


      Fast, 4K Ultra-High-Definition Display, 9-Megapixel Microscopy Camera

      Ideal for Clinical Research, Inspection, and Conferencing

      • 8.9 Megapixels (4112 x 2176), 1” format sensor
      • Sony® Pregius™ global ghutter CMOS sensor technology
      • 31 frames per second at 4K resolution (3840 x 2160)
      • 62 frames per second at HD resolution (1920 x 1080) full field of view


      • Brightfield
      • Darkfield
      • Differential interference contrast (DIC),
      • Polarization
      • Fluorescence


      • 1-inch sensor provides a large field of view allowing you see more of your sample.
      • True-to-Life Color Performance matching what is visible in the eyepieces
      • Color performance is optimized for various light sources (LED, Fluorescence, Daylight, Halogen)
      • Eliminate frustration with lag-less refresh rates
      • Software is included: Multi-user, multi-computer friendly, and no separate licence needed
      • Software compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit operating systems, or MAC OS X 10.15.7 (or greater)
      • Support for third-party capture and analysis applications: Image-Pro® by Media Cybernetics, MetaMorph, and Micro-Manager
      • Recommended coupler: 1X
    • Tek Select® Automated Slide Stainer w/Hood



      Supplied for offering a reliable solution to automated slide staining protocols in histology and cytology divisions, the Tek-Select automated slide stainer features a compact, considerate design, and delivers optimized convenience to laboratory workflow. This unit also features an optional cover, enabling a more environmentally-friendly working condition

      Dimensions 37″L x 12″W x 10″H

      Net weight 44 lbs

    • Tek-Select® Lighted Water Bath


      The Tek-Select® lighted tissue flotation bath combines both water bath & slide dryer and eliminates wrinkles and distortion of tissue sections for microscopy.  A removable glass dish makes for a simple task of cleaning. The bath is a low profile design, with a microprocessor controller for heating.  The temperature probe ensures accurate temperature control.

      • Smart design, combines both water bath & slide dryer
      • High quality heating element delivers prompt heating, energy-saving, and long shelf-life
      • Outstanding Built-In Micro-processor Temperature control system
          •  Assures regulated and precise temperature controls
          • Works with triple temperature control
          • Simply realizes temperature programming and automated on/off
          • Offers separate temperature controls for water bath and slide dyer
      • Digital modular LED display
        •  High visibility
        • Offers real time displays of all important figures including set temperature, working temperature and other various parameters of working status
        • Additional LED illumination, each glass dish is equipped with four LED lights significantly improving the visibility throughout the workflows.
      • Auto-memory of last settings and recovery functions
      • Removable transparent glass dish, the deep glass dish can be easily removed for cleaning
      • Outer-casing is water-proof and insulated
      • Black dryer coating creates a good contrast to specimens offering ideal specimen observation, highly resistant to abstraction and corrosion.


      Replacement pyrex dish, 14″ x 9″ x 2″ are available.

      Dimensions (WxLxH): 16″ L x 20″ W x 2″H
      Temp. Set Range: Ambient to 75° C
      Electrical: 115VAC 60Hz 500W

      Item #     Description                       Qty

      WB-320 Tek-Select® Water Bath   Ea.


    • Thermo Scientific / Expredia Linistat Linear Stainer


      New Expredia / Thermo Scientific Linstat Linear Stainer

      The Linistat is the compact answer to H&E frozen section protocols. Its efficient, footprint fits on top of most cryostats for streamlining workflow during frozen sectioning.Features include:

      • 14 staining stations (20 sec. each)
      • Running water and a 13-slide capacity collection tank
      • Staining time is under five minutes.
      • For situations that require hand staining, the technician may dip through the stations, eliminating the need to set up separate staining dishes.
      • Color coded slide clips correspond to the colored slides and colored frozen section.
    • Tissue Flotation Bath (Round Basin)


      Low profile 2.3 liter black, finished interior chamber reduces glare, thus improving visibility of the tissue specimen.