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  • Glass Insert 70 mm (Replacement Glass for Anti-roll Systems)


    Currently out of stock until approx. June 1, 2019.

    Replacement glass can be used with Leica cryostats models; CM1510, CM1510S, CM1520, CM1800,CM1850, CM1860, CM1900, CM1950, CM3000, CM3050, CM3050S. Glare-minimizing glass insert, 70 mm wide, replacement glass for anti-roll systems CE 14 0477 42491, 14 0477 42492, 14 0477 42493 for blade holder CE 14 0477 43005

  • Sliding Microtome American Optical (AO) 860


    AO (American Optical) 860 Microtome has 1-40 Micron Increments, Universal Specimen Holder X-Y Orientation, Knife Holder Adjustable Angle

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  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Tek-Select® Espo Slide Printer


    Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Espo Slide Printer

    Slide Printer sold separately, see our other listing.

    To View Youtube Video of ESPO Slide Printer:

  • Tek-Select® Diff-Stain Kit


    Diff-Stain Kit includes:

    • 1- 8 oz. Bottle solution A (Fixative)
    • 1- 8 oz. Bottle solution B (Azure Stain)
    •  1- 8 oz. Bottle solution C (Xanthene dyes)
    • 3- 2 oz. Staining containers and storage tray

    Diff Stain kit is used to provide Nuclear and cytoplasmic staining and recently has provided excellent staining for Helicobacter Pylori. The result is Nuclear staining in blue to purple staining and pink to orange with paraffin and frozen sections. Helicobacter pylori provides a deep rich purple. This stain is also excellent as a Hematology stain.


  • IMEB Saw Blade With Standard Teeth for Bone Band Saw


    Saw Blade with Standard Teeth. Toothed Blade .1380″ wide X .031″ X 14tpi – The IMEB, Inc. Bone Band Saw is an efficient and economical way of cutting bone in laboratory.

  • Leica SM2500E Heavy Duty Sledge Sliding Microtome

    Refurbished with Warranty. Call for Custom Quote!

    The Leica SM2500E is a large-scale, heavy-duty sectioning system and is the standard sliding microtome for sectioning hard and/or large-surface specimens.

    The SM2500E is designated to produce thin sections of industrial materials and paraffin-, celloidin- and plastic-embedded samples in medicine, biology and industry.

    Large specimens up to 250 x 200 mm and hard materials such as bones and teeth embedded in methyl-methacrylate can be sectioned. Typical medical research applications include the sectioning of whole organs such as brain or lung embedded in paraffin.


    (1) SM2500E Sliding Microtome

    (1) SM2500E Controller

    (1) SM2500E Power Supply

    Available for additional cost: 

    Leica SP2600 Ultramiller Ultramilling Attachment is used for surface milling of plastic, metal and organic-material specimens. Contact for details.

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  • IMEB Saw Blade With Fine Teeth for Bone Band Saw


    Bone Band Saw Blade With Fine Teeth. Toothed Blade .138″ wide X .025″ X 24tpi for the IMEB, Inc. Bone Band Saw is an efficient and economical way of cutting bone in laboratory.

  • Leica 30mm Specimen Object Disk


    Specimen Object Discs .Circular discs with outer O-ring for easy handling 30mm diameter in circular embossed ring (for use with Leica, Reichert, AO cryostats). For use on all frozen specimens.