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    • Vibratome 1000

      Vibratome Semi-Automatic Tissue Sectioning System has maintained the reputation of a rock solid tissue sectioning system.

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    • Vibratome 1000 PLUS

      The Vibratome 1000 Plus Sectioning System provides a versatile method of sectioning fresh or fixed, animal, or plant tissues.

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    • Warthin Rapid Starry Stain Kit


      Rapid Wathin Starry Stain kit is used to detect Cat Scratch, Legionella, illustrates an exception development for Helicobacter. The result is black to brown development against a light yellow background. Not recommended for Spirochetes. Includes: 1- 8 oz. Bottle Stabilizer Silver Nitrate solution, 1- 8 oz. Bottle Gelatin solution, 1- 8 oz. Bottle Hydroquinone solution, 3- 2 oz. Staining containers and storage tray.

      Warthin Rapid Starry Stain Kit. Contains 8 Oz Bottle/Solutions Of: Stabilizer Silver Nitrate, Gelatinn, Hydroquinone Solution, 3- 2 Oz. Staining Containers, and Storage Tray.