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    • 10% Alcoholic Formalin, 1 Gallon


      10% Alcoholic Formalin- 1 Gallon


      • Hazmat fee not included.
      • No overnight shipping.
    • Absorb All Towels (1000 per Case)

      • Absorb All towels are a highly absorbent, lint free alternative to paper towels and gauze.
      • Their cloth-like softness makes them ideal for use in coverslipping, slide staining, preparation and general laboratory clean up.
      • Absorb-Alls are specially suited for soaking up liquids, oils and common solvents.
      • They are individually folded for your convenience.
      • Size: 12.1″ X 14.9″ Unfolded, 6″ X 7.5″ Folded
      • 1000 Per Case
    • Adson Dissection Forceps


      Adson dissection forceps with a satin finish, 1 x 2 teeth, straight shape, reusable, and 121 mm length. For plastic and reconstructive surgery.

      120mm L (4¾”)

    • AFB Stain Kit


      Acid Fast Bacteria Stain using Light Green SF for counterstain. The method provides a visualization of red bacteria against a green background of remaining tissue components. Includes: 1- 8 oz. Bottle of Fuchsin Stain solution, 1- 8 oz. Bottle of Phenol dilute solution, 1- 8 oz. Bottle Decolorizing solution, 1- 8 oz. Bottle Light Green SF Counterstain, 4- 2 oz. Staining containers and storage tray.

      Includes: 1- 8 Oz. Bottle/Solutions of: Fuchsin Stain, Phenol Dilute, Decolorizing, 1 Light Green SF Counterstain, 4- 2 Oz. Staining Containers. and Storage Tray.

    • Anti Roll Glass Plate Replacement 70mm for Leica Cryostats (Insert only)



      Replacement glass can be used with Leica cryostats models; CM1510, CM1510S, CM1520, CM1800,CM1850, CM1860, CM1900, CM1950, CM3000, CM3050, CM3050S. Glare-minimizing glass insert, 70 mm wide, replacement glass for anti-roll systems CE 14 0477 42491, 14 0477 42492, 14 0477 42493 for blade holder CE 14 0477 43005

      Anti roll glass dimensions

      Width           70mm

      Depth           30mm

      Thickness     3.7mm

    • Avantik Cryostat for Labs Refurbished QS11 Model

      Used Cryostat by Avantik for Labs Refurbished QS11 Mode. The cryostat by Avantik has been refurbished to meet industry standards for the convenience of the professional. IMEB Inc.’s technicians carefully inspect and service all cryostats with detail. Microtome and blade holder design, uncluttered control panel, and smooth handwheel rotation. Streamlined, efficient design that delivers a range of valuable benefits – and a higher performance standard – to your laboratory.

    • Biohazard Specimen Bags, 6″ x 9″, 500 Per Case


      Biohazard Specimen Bags that have an unique two pouch design which isolates specimens from paperwork, preventing document contamination.

      Also reduces chance of accidental separation of specimen and paperwork.

      2mL polyethylene specimen bag with zippered seal, meets NCCLS for protection of laboratory workers.

      Biohazard symbol on orange background.

      500 per Case

    • Blue Biopsy Paper, 2.5″ x 4″, 500 per Pack


      Blue Biopsy Papers

      2.5″ x 4″

      500 per Pack

    • Coplin Staining Jar


      Break-resistant polypropylene jar holds up to 10 standard 1″x3″ (25x75mm) slides back-to-back. This tapered square jar has internal grooves and a shallow thread screw cap.

    • Delicate Dissecting Forceps Straight


      Stainless steel, satin finish 120mm L (4¾”)

    • Delicate Dissecting Forceps, Half-Curved


      Stainless steel, satin finish 120mm L (4¾”)