Bone Band Saw

IMEB, Inc. Pathology Bone Band Saw with Standard Blade, Attached Mounting Board, Straight Edge Guide and Foot Switch

The Bone Band Saw is an efficient and economical way of cutting bone in the laboratory. It is only 19″ high and has a foot print of 17″ x 13″ of counter space. This saw has a separate water-cooled blade that eliminates dust and particles. 1 Year Warranty.

Lightweight and easy to clean.

Optional water-cooled diamond blade reduces dust and particles.

Saw will cut bone specimens up to 3” in height; blade guide is easily adjusted.

Strong Blade that can cut an ultra-thin bone slice.

Is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel for durability that counts!

Other accessories available for purchase to provide you with a versatile lab bone cutting station: 4 different blade types (heavy duty, standard, fine and diamond), splash guard cover, femoral head holder, small bone holder, and cleaning stone (for diamond blades), and cooling system (required for diamond blades).

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