Xylene & Substitutes

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    • Tek-Select® Safety-Solv (Xylene Substitute) 1 Gallon


      Our Safety Solvent clearing agent is a highly effective xylene substitute that can be used as a direct replacement for xylene in all applications whether they are manual or automated systems.

      This D-limonene based ctirus solvent has a slight citrus scent and a higher flash point eliminates the need for storage in a flammable safety cabinet.

    • Tek-Select® Solvent-100 (Xylene Substitute) 1 Gallon


      Solvent 100 is a unique blend of isoparaffinic aliphatic hydrocarbons that is designed specifically for tissue processing and staining. This unique clearing agent allows for excellent lipid extraction during tissue processing and renders complete deparaffinization and clearing during the staining process. Unlike xylene Solvent 100 does not produce hard or brittle specimens, even after prolonged exposure. Solvent 100 can be used in all tissue processors and automatic stainers, is benzene-free and has very low odor.

    • Tek-Select® Xylene 1 Gallon


      Xylene can be used in all tissue processors and automatic stainers. Strict quality assurance, including gas chromatography, is performed on each lot to guarantee a consistent product.