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    • Microm HM 315 Microtome (Refurbished)

      Microm HM 315 – a standard rotary microtome for paraffin sectioning in clinical and research labs and for routine sectioning in industrial labs. Precision micrometer feed mechanism with monobloc system. Automatic trimming mode. Vertical specimen movement.

    • Microm HM 325 Rotary Microtome (Refurbished)

      Microm HM 325 – setting new standards in its class, offering specimen retraction in return stroke, automatic trimming steps for defined trimming,section counter.

    • Microm HM 330 Microtome (Refurbished)

      Microm Model 330 microtome includes: Disposable blade holder. Specimen speed clamp auto trim mode. Retraction in the return stroke. Automatic trim mode. Section counter X-Y orientation of specimen holder.

    • Microm HM 520 Cryostat (Refurbished)

      The Microm HM 520 Cryostat is ergonomically designed to provide excellent performance and versatility. The Microm HM 520 Cryostat will provide consistent reproducibility in the preparation of frozen sections in clinical histology laboratories requiring economical dependable performance.
    • Microm HM 525 Cryostat (Refurbished)

      The Microm HM 525 is used for  intuitive  sectioning of frozen specimens for the mid-to large size clinical laboratories. It is equipped with an exceptionally smooth hand-wheel and several innovative  safety features that make this cryostat one of the best on the market.
    • Microm HM 550 Cryostat (Refurbished)


      The Microm HM 550 Cryostat series is a uniquely progressive concept for use with frozen specimens of all types. The Microm HM550 Cryostat features user applications which can define module selection and make even serial sectioning enjoyable.
    • Microm HM 560 Cryostat (Refurbished)

      The Microm HM 560 Cryostat is an electronic motorized cryostat that incorporates a unique refrigeration system. This refrigeration system allows for sectioning of independent specimens as well as knife cooling which permits several applications in both the histology and research labs.

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