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    • Cytyc Thinprep 2000 Processor (Refurbished)

      The Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 processor is an automated slide preparation system for use with the ThinPrep Pap test. In addition, the Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 processor is compatible with non-gynecological specimens to assist in the diagnosis of disease entities and cancers of numerous body sites obtained through exfoliative methods as well as by fine needle aspiration.

      Through Hologic’s computerized process and patented membrane technology, the Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 processor controls dispersion, collection and transfer of diagnostic cells from sample to slide. This ensures that the slide is representative of — and reproducible of — the original sample collected in the ThinPrep Pap test vial.

      Under the precise control of the Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 microprocessor, a gentle dispersion step breaks up blood, mucus and non-diagnostic debris, then thoroughly mixes the sample. With a series of negative pressure pulses, fluid is drawn though the Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 filter to collect a thin, even layer of diagnostic cellular material. The ThinPrep 2000 processor constantly monitors the rate of flow through the filter during this process, collecting an appropriate amount of material for testing.

      The cellular material is transferred to a glass slide using computer-controlled mechanical positioning and positive air pressure. The slide is then ejected into a cell fixative bath, ready for staining and evaluation.


      The Cytyc ThinPrep 2000 processor utilizes mechanical, pneumatic and fluidic principles for cell dispersion, collection and transfer.


      • A rotary drive mechanism gently disperses samples.


      • A pneumatic/fluid system, controlled by a microprocessor, monitors cell collection.


      • Computer-controlled position and positive air pressure facilitate transfer of cells to the ThinPrep microscope slide

      Refurbished with Warranty. Call for Custom Quote!