Bone Marrow Control Slides



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CS068B$158.00 - Bulk 25, Bone Marrow Control Slides2 lbs
CS068$51.00 - Set 8, Bone Marrow Control Slides2 lbs
CS068B24-1$189.00 - Set 25 (24 Unstained, 1 Stained), Bone Marrow Control Slides2 lbs


Tissue Note: Human, Marrow Special Stains Demonstration of: Bone Marrow Special Stains Kit: Diff Stain Kit

IMEB Inc. Special Stain Control Slides are prepared using fresh quality tissue that has been professionally processed with complete care. After processing the tissue is properly embedded in paraffin blocks, sectioned at the optimal thickness, and applied to a region of a Tek-Select® White frosted positive slide.

We offer most control slides in plastic slide boxes (8 pack and 25 pack). Controls are also available in 24 unstained and 1 controls that is stained with appropriate special stains.

All controls can be stained with Tek-Select® Special Stain Kits.

Educational Packs up to 500 controls can be made upon request.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in

Bulk, 25, Set, 8, Set, 25 (24 Unstained, 1 Stained)