IMEB Microscope Slide Rack Staining Set With Holder, 20 Slide, 6 Well with Countdown Digital Clock



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Microscope Slide Rack Staining Set With Holder

20 Slides and 6 Wells with a Countdown Digital Clock

Made to Order

With a countdown digital clock.

For use in histology, cytological, or dermatology staining. The solution wells are deep enough to permit total immersion of 3″ x 1″ slides. The plastic frame is solvent-resistant with snap-locking covers that allow complete portability, even when the wells are full. Dishes are placed in racks far enough from each other to preclude drippage of stain into nearby wells. Includes all green polypropylene dishes with matching tight-fitting lids to prevent evaporation of stains and solvents.

A non-clock version of this product is also available with the SKU SSS-60

Dimensions: 13 ¼”W x 4 ¾”D x 4 ¼”H

Slides in the photos are sold separately

Microscope Slides by Tek-Select Positive Charge with 90°

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Weight8 lbs
Dimensions24 × 8 × 6 in