Leica CM1860 UV Cryostat (Refurbished)


Refurbished Cryostat by Leica CM1860 UV

Refurbished Cryostat by Leica CM1860 UV with Warranty. Call for a custom quote!

Leica CM1860UV – an oasis of safety and comfort in your laboratory.

The Leica CM1860 UV was developed with diagnostic confidence, safety, and ergonomics. The high-throughput cryostat creates diagnostic confidence by reliably producing quality sections that help provide an accurate diagnosis.

Staff near the cryostat is protected by the safe, highly effective, ozone-free UVC disinfection and the antimicrobial nano-silver coating, AgProtect, which provides outstanding safety by reducing exposure to surface pathogens.


Refurbished Cryostat by Leica CM1860 UV

Includes a Warranty.

Call for a Custom Quote!

For Histopathology Laboratory Applications

In-surgery cancer diagnostics rely on reproducible section quality within minutes.

The Leica Premium blade holder helps to prevent cutting injuries by minimizing direct contact with the blade.

Consistently produce quality sections
The Leica Biosystems precision microtome helps you produce quality sections consistently. The microtome is encapsulated, thus providing for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Staying organized helps you stay focused on the sectioning job at hand. The Leica CM1860 UV cryostat provides designated storage shelves for samples, object holders, tools, and an easily accessible ambient temperature storage on top of the instrument.

Ready for multiple users
The Leica CM1860 UV cryostat is designed to facilitate quick turnaround when used by multiple users. You do not have to adjust the instrument before starting your work or scroll through multiple long menus.
Single-function keys and easily readable LED displays provide all relevant functions at the “push of one button”.