SKU: L-ST5010

Leica ST5010 XL Autostainer


Leica ST5010 XL Autostainer is a fully self-contained bench-top unit, menu-driven, microprocessor controlled, fully programmable, high throughput automatic slide stainer.



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Introducing the most versatile, flexible and efficient high throughput automated slide stainer designed to be an integral component in todays laboratory. Multiple staining protocols can be run simultaneously with up to 11 slide racks at the same time.

A continuous loading system ensures optimal utilization of the instrument, especially during longer staining procedures. A unique feature of the LEICA AUTOSTAINER XL is the ability to perform several different staining protocols simultaneously. Thus a special staining, for example, can be performed parallel to a routine H & E staining.

A higher operational capacity and a design in accordance with international safety standards make the LEICA AUTOSTAINER XL the instrument of choice for the histopathological laboratory.

Product Features

  • Continuous loading – can load up to 11 racks (with 30 slides per rack) while processing
  • Can stain over 150 slides per hour with typical H&E protocols
  • Simultaneous staining of several different protocols – can select any compatible program for each rack
  • Self contained fume control with replaceable filter
  • Easy to operate, compact design
  • PC access for fault diagnosis

Special Features

  • Stain up to 200 slides per hour.
  • Easy to use menu-driven and microprocessor controlled. 15 programs can be stored in memory each with up to 25 steps.
  • 18 reagent stations, 5 wash stations, and an integrated forced hot air oven that significantly reduces slide drying time.
  • Staining programs can be terminated at any reagent and racks can be removed prior to completion of the staining protocol
  • Autostainer will not start a stain protocol that it is incompatible with another stain protocol already in progress
  • Programming flexibility stain protocol may begin or end in any station and move in any station sequence that maximizes utilization of the instrument.
  • Water saving feature, which stops the flow of water, if none of the wash stations is in use.
  • Fume containment hood and internal extraction fan with integral charcoal filter removes hazardous fumes.
  • PC access for fault diagnosis by service engineer.