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Sakura SCA Coverslipper 4764, White (Refurbished)


The SCA film coverslipper has a thorough put of up to 20 slides per minute using a cellulose triacetate film coated with a xylene-activated resin on the lower surface.



Refurbished coverslipper by Sakura SCA Coverslipper 4764, White

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Produces up to 1,080 per hour with the state-of-the-art  Sakura 4764 coverslipper.

The POLYCUT is a heavy-duty sled microtome for both biomedical and industrial applications.

Different models with various features are available.

Choose between POLYCUT M, POLYCUT S, and E, and the CRYO-POLYCUT.

POLYCUT M is manually operated.

The POLYCUT 5 and E are controlled by a microprocessor.

The POLYCUT E can be fitted with an ultra-milling attachment called the POLYCUT ULTRA-MILLER. A choice of knife holders with various features is available to meet the requirements of every application.

Choose between a wide range of accessories to meet specific application requirements.

Accessories include various stages, clamping systems, and specimen holders for different application requirements. The knife clearance angle is adjustable.