SKU: A77500016

Thermo Shandon Finesse ME Microtome (Refurbished)


The Thermo Shandon Finesse ME microtome has unmatched versatility, ease-of-use, reliability, and consistency.



Refurbished with Warranty. Call for Custom Quote!

The microtome’s unmatched versatility, ease-of-use, reliability, and consistency makes it one of the safest, most comfortable and user-friendly microtomes available at an affordable price. Excellent for routine wax sections and specialized resin work.

Improved blade holder provides greater versatility, improved productivity, and increased stability while sectioning Display monitors a range of functions including cutting speed, section count, section thickness, and advance distance.

Emergency stop immediately cuts power to the motor. Rock option: specimen head advances by a set amount to trim specimens without turning the hand-wheel through full turns.