Pap Smear Kits

    • Cyto Pak Kit (Case)


      1 Microscope Slide, 1 Cervical Collection Broom, 1 Bottle Tear Fixative, 1 Plastic Sealed Bag, 1 Pre-Folded Slide Mailer. 1 Wooden Cervical Scraper

      Quantity: 500 (25 per Box, 20 Boxes per Case)

      IMEB, Inc. CYTO-PAKā„¢ pap smear kits combine quality hygienic standards with convenience. Each kit is hygienically sealed in a perforated tear open plastic bag which allows easy access to the slide for the pap smear procedure. A convenient non-aerosol pump spray fixative is provided with every box of twenty five kits. Spray fixative has proven to be more effective for saturation of the specimen. An easy to assemble slide folder will expedite the preparation for the laboratory. The laboratory will also find that the slide holder will allow for easier removal with less breakage. Kits are packaged twenty five kits per box, twenty boxes per case. Tear fixative is also available for each individual pap smear kit if so preferred.