Neutralizing Products

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    • Neutralex 16 Pre-Measured Pouches

      16 Pre-Measured Pouches (Each Pouch Neutralizes 1 Gal or 4 Liters)

      The only environmentally safe and certified technology for neutralization of formalin waste. Safe and effective drain disposal with no drain clogging solids. Final neutralization less than 1 ppm. No pH adjustment needed. Eliminates the need for off-site disposal of hazardous formalin waste and the Cradle to Grave Liability Associated with Its regulation.

    • Neutralex PH And Aldehyde Test Kit


      Fast and reliable determination of pH, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, and paraformaldehyde in wastewater. Tests with these strips are completed in seconds.

      Kit includes 100 Test Strips