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    • Leica RM2125 Microtome (Refurbished)

      Refurbished Leica RM2125 microtome with warranty. Call for Custom Quote!

      The Leica RM 2125 microtome is specially designed for the applications in routine histopathology laboratories. It has the latest technology, focusing on the essential matters without compromising when it comes to section quality, operator comfort and user safety.

    • Leica RM2135 Microtome (Refurbished)

      Refurbished Leica RM2135 Microtome with Warranty. Call for Custom Quote!

      The Leica RM2135 is an universal rotary microtome which is designed for use in routine laboratories. The Leica RM 2135 offers an extremely smooth and easy turn of the hand wheel, which creates a uniform stroke for excellent, perfectly stretched sections. Complete with disposable blade system or standard knife holder/cassette speed clamp included.

      IMEB offers warrantied new and refurbished pathology equipment / histology equipment including refurbished microtomes.  Refurbished pathology equipment / histology equipment including microtomes, cryostats, embedding centers, coverslippers, tissue processors, slide stainers, microscopes, grossing stations, with warranty! Many models to choose from. Contact IMEB, Inc. Your Pathology Partner! IMEB sells popular brands of equipment including Leica, Sakura, Olympus, Nikon and Thermo and more. There are many models to choose from that are in stock.

      IMEB, Inc.’s Service & Repair Department offers a variety of plans to service and maintain your Histology and Pathology equipment.

    • Leica RM2145 Microtome (Refurbished)

      The Leica RM 2145 is a semi-motorized rotary microtome for use in histology, histopathology and industrial quality assurance. Ergomode, a specially designed rocking mode, and a separate ergonomic control panel ensure maximum user comfort.

    • Leica RM2155 Microtome (Refurbished)

      The Leica RM2155 is developed for fully motorized sectioning of paraffin and plastic embedded sections, the Leica RM 2155 offers a broad spectrum of applications in routine and research laboratories in histology as well as in industrial materials and quality control.

    • Leica RM2165 Microtome (Refurbished)

      The Leica RM2165, a fully motorized rotary microtome for applications in the medical laboratory and for semi-thin sectioning in biomedical research and industrial quality control applications.

    • Leica RM2235 Microtome (Refurbished)

      Uniquely user-friendly, the robust Leica RM2235 offers numerous features that have never before been available in this class of microtome. It is designed for manual routine paraffin sectioning but can also be used for cutting harder materials.

    • Leica RM2245 Microtome (Refurbished)

      The RM2245 is a semi-motorized rotary microtome, designed for routine and research applications in histopathology and industrial quality assurance laboratories. Manual sectioning is enhanced by a high-precision motorized specimen feed.

    • Leica RM2255 Microtome (Refurbished)

      The Leica RM2255 – reduce repetitive motions that can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders with the powerful, fully automated Leica RM2255 rotary microtome.

    • Leica RM2265 Microtome (Refurbished)

      The RM2265 is Leica Biosystems‘ top-of-the-line fully motorized and programmable rotary microtome designed primarily to satisfy the requirements of biomedical research sectioning hard to semi-soft materials and customers needing to section industrial materials.

    • Leica SM2000 R Sliding Microtome (Refurbished)

      The Leica SM2000 R has low-maintenance cross roller-bearing slideways which are designed to easily section either paraffin-embedded or fixed, frozen specimens and features an easy-to-use knife holder for both standard knives and disposable blade.

    • Leica SM2400 Sliding Microtome (Refurbished)

      Performance, versatility and ergonomics. Designed for medical, biological and industrial applications, the Leica SM2400 is a universal instrument for a variety of applications in all laboratories where paraffin, tissue, or wood are sectioned.

    • Leica SM2500E Heavy Duty Sledge Sliding Microtome (Refurbished)

      Refurbished with Warranty. Call for Custom Quote!

      The Leica SM2500E is a large-scale, heavy-duty sectioning system and is the standard sliding microtome for sectioning hard and/or large-surface specimens.

      The SM2500E is designated to produce thin sections of industrial materials and paraffin-, celloidin- and plastic-embedded samples in medicine, biology and industry.

      Large specimens up to 250 x 200 mm and hard materials such as bones and teeth embedded in methyl-methacrylate can be sectioned. Typical medical research applications include the sectioning of whole organs such as brain or lung embedded in paraffin.


      (1) SM2500E Sliding Microtome

      (1) SM2500E Controller

      (1) SM2500E Power Supply

      Available for additional cost: 

      Leica SP2600 Ultramiller Ultramilling Attachment is used for surface milling of plastic, metal and organic-material specimens. Contact for details.