Leica IP S Slide Printer (Refurbished)


The Leica IP C and IP S systems are second generation printers for the labeling of all common specimen cassettes and glass slides with printing field in histology, cytology and biomedical applications.

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Leica IP S Slide Printer (Refurbished)

Refurbished with Warranty. Call for a Custom Quote!

This second-generation printer labels all common specimen cassettes and glass slides. Printing fields in histology, cytology, and biomedical applications are provided.

The core of the printers is a novel high-speed ink-jet printing technology utilizing a patented chemical-resistant ink.

The Leica IP S ink-jet slide printer is designed for high-throughput histology slide printing. Enjoy worry-free chemical-resistant printing quality and clear resolution.

The system eliminates manual slide labeling.